Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a smart system called ‘DOR’ that checks tyre pressure and condition in just 20 seconds.

“Improving the techniques of bus testing and maintenance is part of RTA’s efforts to keep pace with Dubai government’s drive to be innovative in all fields,” said Abdullah Al Mazmi, Director of Maintenance and Services of RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

Using this smart system in testing and assessing the condition of bus tyres will cut down potential cancellation of trips due to faults on the road, and enhance the overall safety. It will also reduce fuel consumption by maintaining the required tyre air pressure and elongate the lifespan of tyres.

The procedure contributes to automating tyre inspection, which in turn reduces the testing and repair time of buses and contributes to realising RTA’s vision of safe and smooth transport for all. After all, public buses are a key component of the public transport network in Dubai.

Vehicles are fitted with smart devices enabling sensors to measure tyres pressure and the thickness of the tyre’s tread. This data is then analysed and a detailed report on tyre soundness is generated and forwarded by e-mail. The device can inspect and report the tyre’s condition in just 20 seconds. A green smiley face pops up on the driver’s screen meaning that the bus is good to go. Otherwise, a red and sad face appears, indicating an issue with tyres, said Al Mazmi.

The system has been installed in Jebel Ali Station and it was reported that bus faults on road have dropped by 58 per cent between May and July, compared with the same period last year. This technology supports RTA’s Smart Dubai Strategy, Asset Sustainability and Advance RTA.