Authorities record a parking violation on a sidewalk in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Twitter/@@AbuDhabi_ADM

Abu Dhabi: A fine of Dh1,000 will be slapped on motorists who park vehicles on sidewalks, sports tracks and other non-designated spaces, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has warned.

The offence is considered to be in violation of municipal standards to preserve public assets and infrastructure, the municipality said in a statement on its social media platforms.

Municipal officials have recently conducted an awareness campaign in Rabdan and Shakhbout areas, urging residents to protect the general orderliness of public spaces. They noted multiple instances of vehicles parked in non-designated spaces, including in a manner that blocks the flow of traffic, or inconveniences other pedestrians and road users.

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Municipal fines are immediately imposed on offenders, but a Dh500 discount is available to those who pay the fine withing 30 days of the offence. These fines also apply for offences in which motorists abandon their vehicles, or fail to keep them clean when parked in public spaces.