Sharjah paid parking Buhaira Corniche
Paid parking zone in Sharjah's Buhaira Corniche area Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Municipality today announced paid parking hours for Ramadan in Sharjah. The municipality’s director-general, Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji, said paid parking hours will be 8am to 12am (midnight) from Saturday to Thursday.

Parking is free on Fridays, except in zones that have blue information signs. In such areas, parking is a paid service on all days of the week.

The inspection teams of the Public Parking Department will ensure that the public is committed to paying the fees and are not misusing the parking.

The parking surrounding mosques will be free for an hour from the adhan (call to prayer).

Inspection campaigns

Al Tunaiji explained that the municipality will carry out a number of inspection campaigns during Ramadan, including on permits for displaying food outside eateries. The municipality has allocated a team of 40 inspectors to implement these campaigns and follow up on food establishments and markets, to ensure the provision of safe food to consumers and to ensure that the service is provided in accordance with the health conditions and standards approved by the municipality.

The inspection teams will also ensure that commercial establishments wishing to extend working hours beyond midnight comply with the issuance of the necessary permit from the Control and Inspection Department.

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Monitoring negative behaviour

The Director-General of the Municipality stated that will be inspection campaigns as well to monitor distortions of the general appearance of the city or negative behaviour such as disturbing others, or setting up unlicensed Ramadan tents, especially outside the home.

Municipality urged the public to follow the displayed rules in green spaces, such as maintaining cleanliness and not using high-volume speakers.

Public parks

The municipality also announced the Sharjah City Parks’ opening hours. The parks will be open all days of the week from 4pm to 12am (midnight).