Abu Dhabi: A Dh1,000 fine and six black points is what drivers can expect if they are caught driving a vehicle that is causing pollution, said a police official in Abu Dhabi on Monday during the second and final day of the Clean Air Forum.

Organised by the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD), and the Department of Economic Development-Abu Dhabi, the conference brought together several stakeholders from the government and private sectors, with a number of discussions held concerning the air quality in the UAE and the need to enact policies to keep pollution levels from rising.

“If an officer sees any vehicle… [with its] emission visible and black smoke emitting from the vehicle they will directly stop the car [and issue the fine]. The ticket is Dh1,000, along with six black points,” said Captain Abdullah Ghafli of Abu Dhabi Police.

He spoke on how seriously the Abu Dhabi Police was taking the issue of pollution.

“Whenever [our police officers] have seen any car that is polluting they have directly stopped the driver and issued the ticket,” he added.