Dubai: CRRC Corp Ltd, China’s largest rail transportation equipment maker, showcased the world’s fastest high-speed train at Middle East Rail 2017 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The new train is expected to travel at least 50km per hour faster than the previous generation of bullet trains.

Speaking to the press, a spokesperson for CRRC said “the majority of projects we’ve done have been in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi”.

CRRC’s spokesperson declined to specify which projects CRRC would be working on in the future.

The company does not currently operate an office in the UAE, although the spokesman noted that “as a major direction of our marketing in the future, we are planning to have a general and bigger office in the UAE”.

China Standard EMU train has the maximum operating speed of 380km per hour and has achieved 420km per hour during test runs last year when two trains passed each other at this speed on the new 363km Zhengzhou — Xuzhou high-speed line.

Each 209m-long train comprises four motor cars and four trailers. The trains are 3.36 metres wide and 4.06 metres high and have an axle load of less than 17 tonnes. Each train can accommodate 556 passengers, with 10 in business class, 28 in first class, and 518 in second class.

The company has started work on a new magnetic levitation train that will be capable of transporting passengers to their destination at nearly half the speed of sound, or 600km per hour. This technology is expected to reach the market by 2027.