Sharjah Police has launched a drive against car workshops after receiving numerous complaints from residents about noise pollution from traffic. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have announced that a recent campaign to combat workshops which modify and enhance automobile and motorbike engines has been successful.

The plan was launched after police received numerous complaints from Sharjah residents about noise from traffic that disturbs them at all times of the day.

Colonel Ali Saif Al Nadas, Director of Al Dhaid police station, told Gulf News that by putting the campaign into action, the police are not only punishing traffic violators but improving the safety of motorists.

"The campaign was aimed to stop car workshops from modifying and enhancing the engines of vehicles and motorbikes, which also disrupt the peace and quiet of residential neighbourhoods," Col Al Nadas said.

Since the campaign was launched last May, police have also detected an increase in the number of traffic violators.

Col Al Nadas pointed out that most traffic violations are perpetrated by the young, who drive recklessly at night and often ignore traffic signals.

He noted that the campaign also targets heavy vehicles parked in residential areas.

Car workshops

"The car workshops modify the vehicles without consulting the police. They also repair vehicles that have dents after a hit and run, where the drivers present them without any police report," he explained.

He added that car workshops are notorious for committing offences since their employees are not always hired under the company's sponsorship and since many of the vehicles are left unattended, they are often used for robberies and other illegal activities.
"The campaign against the workshops will continue until our targets are met and will last for an indefinite period of time," Col Al Nadas said, pointing out that the campaign is carried out in two shifts:one during the day and one at night.

Police are concentrating their efforts on confiscating vehicles that are either driven by a minor or by those without a driver's licence.

Is the noise from modified cars a problem in your area? Apart from causing noise pollution, which other hazards do these modified cars pose in your community?