Abu Dhabi: Urdu speakers in the capital can now participate in a programme launched by Abu Dhabi Police to reduce their black points and have their licences re-instated.

The programme is part of an awareness campaign launched by the police in April titled "Make your drive without a point".

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness about traffic safety in addition to promoting methods that those with black points could use to reduce them. Those with revoked licences will also be made aware of how to redeem them.

"Having this programme, which explains what black points are and the consequences of getting them, in Urdu will allow us to reach a large part of the community. This will provide not only an opportunity to raise awareness more effectively, but also allow offenders a chance to understand what traffic laws they have broken so that they avoid doing so in the future," said Lieutenant Colonel Saif Obaid Al Khaili, Director of Community Service at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police.

The programme is divided into three sections. The first is for drivers who have a combined total of 72 black points after accumulating 24 points three times; the second for drivers with less than 24 black points who wish to reduce them; and the third for those who are on probation with their licences revoked and are driving with temporary ones.

"Each group will be addressed depending on their offences, whether they drive light [cars] or heavy vehicles [trucks]. Once they successfully pass the programme, their black points will be removed and licences returned where applicable. Those who don't pass will be kept in the programme until they do," Lt. Col. Al Khaili said.

He said to participate, drivers must submit a registration form, which will then be sent to the Department of Community Services to study each case and take into account factors such as age, education level and violations.

"Once we study the complete case, we will assign applicants to the class that meets their requirements. The course will be run at the Emirates Driving School in Musaffah," he said.


Urdu speakers interested in participating in the programme, can call 025027235 and 025027122 or visit the Community Service Management Office at the Emirates Driving School located in Musaffah.