Dubai: Registration for the Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport will end on August 1, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Tuesday.

Registration can be completed on

Open to companies, institutions, universities and colleges from across the world, the $5 million (Dh18.35 million) challenge invites ideas to develop the next generation of autonomous transport solutions.

The contest is being jointly organised by Khalifa University and NewCities International Organisation in association with RTA.

“Finalists will be announced in October this year, and winners will be declared in October 2019,” said Adel Shakri, director of transportation systems at RTA’s Public Transport Agency and chair of the Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport Committee.

Workshops and gatherings have been organised nationwide for university students and companies who submitted their entries. Webinars have been oganised for entities abroad.

“The topics of workshops and webinars have been diverse in acquainting the participants with the contest, its importance for the solutions to be delivered to the public transport sector and the prizes to be rewarded to winners of the Challenge categories,” Shakri said.

The challenge targets companies, start-ups and universities, with about $3 million of the prize money being allocated to mega firms, $1.5 million for start-ups, and $600,000 for universities and academic institutions.