According to UAE Road Safety Monitor report, as many as 56 per cent of motorists believe the UAE’s roads have become more dangerous in the last six months. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Police arrested four men over the weekend after videos of their reckless and dangerous driving were posted on social networking sites. 

Abu Dhabi Police said the incident took place in Al Ain City, and the videos soon went viral on social media.

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"Three people were racing and performing the illegal stunts late at night, while the fourth person recorded them and posted the drag racing videos online. The video soon went viral, and eventually, caught the attention of the police as well," said Major Saif Mohammed Naif Al Ameri, Head of Investigations Department at Al Ain Traffic Department.

On their official social media accounts, Abu Dhabi Police said that such types of videos encourage the youth to follow suit and mimic the dangerous stunts. 

“The three motorists regularly competed in these illegal races, which were carried out in residential areas and along the main roads. The young men would driver their cars at insanely high speeds, which not only threatened the lives of the motorists, but the lives of pedestrians as well,” said Maj. Al Ameri. 

Members of the public are urged to report any incidents of reckless and dangerous driving to police.

How to report traffic offences

Dubai Police said that concerned residents who want to report violations should first register with the We Are All Police programme via Dubai Police’s website.

You can then report any incident through the police app or by calling either of these three numbers: 8007777, 8004353 or 901.

Alternatively, you can email information about the violation to mail@dubaipolice.gov.ae