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Taking COVID-19 vaccine will not break the fast, says Grand Mufti of Dubai. Photo for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Dubai Media office

Dubai: Taking a COVID-19 vaccine will not break a Muslim’s fast during Ramadan, Shaikh Dr. Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz Al Haddad, Grand Mufti and Head of the Fatwa Department at the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, told Gulf News on Sunday.

The vaccine does not break any fast because it is taken intramuscularly like all other intramuscular needles, so it is permissible for the fasting person to take the jab, said Al Haddad explaining that it does not break the fast of the person. A fasting person is not allowed to take food, water or medicine through the open passages such as the mouth, the nose, etc, or through intravenously.

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Nasal swab tests allowed during fasting

Shaikh Dr. Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz Al Haddad

Al Haddad also explained that the COVID-19 examination swabs that are taken from the nose or through blood drops do not break the fast, so it is permissible to take them, because the nasal swab does not contain any substance that enters the cavity, rather a sample is taken to be examined outside, and the blood comes out. Falsh or clouds do not break the fast according to the majority of scholars, unlike the Hanbali.

Taking medicines

Regarding the ruling on fasting, a Muslim may feel symptoms of fatigue as a result of COVID-19 or taking a vaccine, which prompts him to vomit or take painkillers, Al Haddad said that unintentional vomiting does not break the fast. The Messenger of Allah Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), said, “Whoever is overcome by vomiting, he does not make up the fast. Whoever vomits deliberately, let him make up the fast.”

“If he does not take any of the medicines that break the fast, then his fast is valid, and if he takes painkillers he has broken his fast, and there is no blame for him to break his fast if he is tired and needs to break the fast, then he is sick and has to make up the fast.”

Month of fasting, Ramadan, is expected to start from April 13 this year subject to moon sighting. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk during the month.