Al Hosn App
Al Hosn App Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Have you received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, yet your vaccinated status isn’t showing up on Al Hosn app? Authorities have encouraged vaccinated residents to contact Al Hosn app managers through a number of hotlines to rectify the vaccination status.

“I received the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 28 days had passed and I did the PCR test within the seven days but I did not receive the (E) letter on Al Hosn app. What do I do?”

The Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC), which comes under the purview of Abu Dhabi’s health regulator, the Department of Health (DoH), traced what steps to take.

1. First, update Al Hosn app.

2. If you still don’t see the letter (E), then contact Al Hosn app on 8004676, or call the Weqaya hotline at 800937292 for technical support.

In case you are unable to get through via either channel, a recording on the Weqaya hotline recommends reaching out through weqayauae social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or via WhatsApp on 056 3346740.

The UAE has so far provided six million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, reaching out to more than 46 per cent of the target group, including more than 61 per cent of the elderly.

Al Hosn app was developed in 2020 to track resident’s COVID-19 screening results, and then their vaccination status. It also helps track and trace contact with COVID-19 cases.

When does the Al Hosn app list vaccination status?

Al Hosn app lists the date of the second vaccine shot after 28 days have passed.

What else does Al Hosn app show?

For those who take a PCR test after the 28-day period, Al Hosn shows the letter (E). To maintain the (E), a PCR test must be taken every seven days, and the individual should be negative for COVID-19 each time.

Once you have the letter (E), you can use it to travel into Abu Dhabi emirate without the need for another COVID-19 screening. Increasingly, many institutions, venues and government offices also require the (E) for entry into their premises.

On the other hand, UAE residents who volunteer for COVID-19 vaccine trials have a golden star on Al Hosn app, as long as they complete all the necessary testing required by the trial.