DUBAI: To mark UAE Children’s Day, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) welcomed young students to hospitals in the free zone yesterday, inspiring them to pursue careers in medicine, and give back to the community through health care.

In partnership with the UAE Ministry of Education, DHCC organised tours to paediatric and general wards at Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital-Dubai, Emirates Specialty Hospital, and Mediclinic City Hospital.

More than 20 students, aged between seven and 12, along with their teachers from the Jumeirah School for Basic Education interacted with physicians and nurses, learning about the life-saving profession from professionals themselves in various disciplines including emergency and paediatrics. The students were also able to understand patient rights such as the right to have things explained to them and equal treatment as patients.

Through this initiative, DHCC is providing much-needed awareness about the rewards of studying medicine, said Kawthar Kazim, vice-president of Business Support, Dubai Healthcare City Authority. “We are giving young students a glimpse into the profession in a way that can help nurture interest, and develop a generation of home-grown medical professionals.”

The students got a chance to see technology advances in health care at DHCC when they visited one of the leading digital hospitals which is a paperless hospital model that provides accurate and real-time data through technology to doctors. “Giving children a chance to role play or dress-up play has been proven to have a positive association. Through this initiative, we were able to familiarise children with the medical profession in a real-life environment,” said Dr Taha Al Hazarmerdi, general manager of Dr. Sulaiman Habib Hospital.