Abu Dhabi: With communities across the capital having begun celebrating Eid Al Adha, several bakeries, confectionaries and other stores are providing customers a wide selection of special or one of a kind offers and designs that reflect the occasion.

"This year, we have created two special arrangements, one for Haj and one for Eid. For Haj, we used trays that have various arrangements of silver-wrapped chocolates while for Eid, the wrapping used is gold [foil] to highlight the festive mood of the occasion… we have smaller selections arranged as half moons or stars as well or customers can come and choose from our 60 varieties of chocolate to choose their own arrangements and sizes," said Abdul Razaq Ebrahim, a salesperson at a Patchi LLC branch located on Khalidiyah street.

Those looking for a different take on a traditional table centrepiece, Edible Arrangements, a fresh fruit bouquet establishment, is offering customers a special arrangement.

"We have an arrangement called the Eid Mubarak Bouquet, which includes pineapples shaped as daisies, stars and moons in addition to other fruit such as cantelopes, grapes, chocolate-covered bananas and chocolate-covered dates… they have proved to be very popular and there has been overwhelming demand for the different styles and sizes of the Eid Mubarak Bouquet, especially in the week leading up to Eid Al Adha," said Mira Abdul Rahman, a customer service representative at Edible Arrangements.

And for the environmentally conscious, stores such as Maison Sucre, are offering their customers a chance to not only indulge in their delicious creations, but also to take back used boxes to be recycled.