Dubai: The city’s first Smart Police Station (SPS) Express, free from any human intervention, opened on Rigga Street in Dubai on Wednesday.

The new SPS-Express device was installed as pilot-phase in Muraqabbat, and provides all police services fully automated to the public.

Brigadier Ali Ghanim, Director of Muraqabbat Police Station, said the new technology that features an emergency phone tower developed by Dahua Technology, reflects Dubai Police’s keenness to utilise technological innovation.

“We are testing the device now and once approved, the SPS-Express will be installed across the emirate at airports, parks, markets and key locations to help the public connect with Dubai Police officers in case of emergencies,” said Al Ghanim.

The new technology features vandalproof cameras with night vision, video and audio talk, remote monitor and broadcast, along with alarm integration. It also features various connection modes, including 4G LTE and WiFi.

“The customer can put his Emirates ID card in the device to connect him with the operation room,” said Al Ghanim. “The device will improve police work thus spreading the sense of safety and security among residents. It will also enhance the response time on emergencies,” he added.

The device will be connected to an SPS central system to provide all police services.

Al Ghanim said Muraqabbat was chosen to test all new police innovations including smart surveillance cameras, which were installed last year.

“About 95.9 per cent of people in the area know about the smart surveillance cameras and this enhances the sense of safety and security in the area,” he said.

More stations planned

More autonomous police stations are in the works and will be rolled out at later dates as part of a police strategy to provide smart police services to all residential and commercial areas to improve access to police and reduce the public’s time and effort.