SHARJAH: Six men, who were running a commercial kitchen in a house without permit and in unhygienic conditions, have been arrested by the Sharjah Police in cooperation with Sharjah Municipality.

The inspection teams at the Municipality Control and Inspection Department in Sharjah Municipality found that the kitchen was being used to prepaper meals in violation of basic health and hygiene requirements. Khalid bin Falah Al Suwaidi, Assistant General Manager of the Customer Service sector, said the meals were being sold at low prices to labourers working in various sites. Adel Omar, Director of Control and Municipal Inspection Department in Sharjah Municipality, pointed out that the kitchen had large-sized utensils to prepapre huge quantities of food and was being run six men. The food that was in the kitchen was detsroyed during the raid. The authorities called on the community to contact the call centre in Sharjah Municipality at 993 to report any such violations.