Sharjah Police said six men sustained injuries when they came crashing down in separate places after the rope of their parachutes snapped due to high winds late on Saturday. Image Credit: Screengrab / Instagram

Dubai: Two Sharjah-based travel companies had their licenses suspended as authorities continue to investigate the recent incident of faulty parachutes that left six injured.

Last Saturday, Gulf News reported that six Asian men sustained injuries in Khor Fakkan after the rope of their parachutes snapped that were allegedly caused by strong winds.

In a statement, Sharjah Government announced: “The Department of Civil Aviation and the Department of Economic Development in Sharjah have decided to take immediate action to suspend two companies involved in the organisation of parasailing [activities] in Khor Fakkan city. [Their suspension will continue] until the investigation is completed.”

The concerned authorities in Sharjah pointed out that three of the parachutes used for parasailing were owned by two companies.

The Civil Aviation Department and the Department of Economic Development stressed that they do not tolerate companies that organise recreational activities during weather fluctuations that may endanger the lives of individuals.