Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Ghazal, Social Support Centre Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Police helped reunite an Emirati man with his two daughters after 14 years of separation.

The girls, aged 15 and 17, had been left by their mother, who was a foreigner, in the custody of an Emirati woman when she left the country.

The plight of the girls came to the attention of the Supreme Council of Family Affairs when the Emirati woman who took care from the two girls approached it.

The Supreme Council of Family Affairs contacted Social Support Centre at Sharjah Police to help identify the family of the girls.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Ghazal, of the Social Support Centre, said they succeeded in bringing the girls back to their father centre through a coordinated effort.

Sharjah Police helped the Emirati father to complete the formalities so the girls could stay with him.

Police investigations revealed that the couple had been divorced several years ago and the foreigner mother kept the girls with her and prevented the father from seeing his daughters. Whenever the father demanded to see his daughters, the mother made excuses and never allowed him to see them.

Two years ago, the mother left her daughters with an Emirati woman who was her neighbour and never returned to claim them.

She had left the country without leaving an address and this made it impossible to trace her.  

It was then that the Emirati woman decided to contact the Supreme Council of Family Affairs to find the whereabouts of the parents.

The Emirati father expressed his appreciation to the authorities who reunited him with his daughters.

Lieutenant Colonel Ghazal said the Centre has dealt with 432 different case since the beginning of 2017 till November.