190621 school bus
School bus [Image only for illustrative purpose] Image Credit: GN archives

Kalba: One student from a private school was hospitalised after she received minor injuries while 34 other students escaped unhurt in an accident involving their school bus in Kalba on Sunday morning.

The Police Operation Room received a call saying that two buses belonging to two different schools were on their way to the schools with the children on board when the accident took place.

The student who was hurt was taken to Kalba Hospital for treatment.

Police investigations found that the driver of one of the buses carrying 10 students was surprised when the other bus suddenly entered the main road from a side road without indicating or waiting for clearance.

The bus which caused the accident was carrying 25 students.

All other students were safely taken to their schools to continue their school day.

Sharjah Police has appealed to all drivers to abide by traffic rules and focus on the road while driving, apart from leaving enough room between vehicles to avoid collisions. They also urged them to make sure that the road is clear of other vehicles before entering it from side roads.