Sharjah Police have released guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure safety for everyone. Image Credit: Devadasan K P/ Gulf News

Sharjah: As Eid Al Adha approaches, bringing with it a festive atmosphere, Sharjah Police have issued a set of guidelines aimed at preventing accidents and ensuring a safe environment for all.

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To promote safety, especially around water bodies, the police advise against entering restricted swimming areas and stress the importance of constant supervision of children near water. It is crucial not to leave children unattended at any time. For those using jet skis, Sharjah Police urge caution, advising operators to avoid swimming areas and wear life jackets at all times for safety.

Regarding road safety, Sharjah Police emphasize the importance of cautious driving. Motorists are urged not to engage in reckless driving, to strictly adhere to traffic lanes, maintain a safe distance between vehicles, and remain focused on the road to avoid distractions.

For pedestrians, it is essential to use designated crossing areas and avoid crossing in front of moving vehicles to prevent serious accidents.

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Sharjah Police also warned against an increase in unauthorised begging and informal, unsanctioned slaughtering services offered in private homes during the holiday season.

Residents are advised to secure their homes during travel, particularly during this peak summer period. This includes turning off electrical devices and ensuring all potential fire hazards are addressed.

Sharjah Police urge the public to report any suspicious activities or disturbances affecting community security through their official channels at https://www.shjpolice.gov.ae/ or by contacting 80040, 999, or 901.