Sharjah drivers assured after speed camera malfunctions
Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Sharjah: A fixed speed camera on Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road from Ajman towards Sharjah left a number of motorists rattled on Saturday night after it started ‘flashing randomly’ at those who were driving well within the speed limit.

The speed limit on that stretch of road is 120km/h, with a 20km/h buffer, but drivers said that the camera was flashing at much less than 120km/h even though the actual limit is 141km/h.

Drivers reported the ‘crazy’ radar to Sharjah Police, who told Gulf News that there had been a malfunction and that those who got flashed travelling under the speed limit would not be fined.

A senior police official also denied post on social media which said the radar was flashing to catch seat belt violators or those using their phones. Police urged people not to spread rumours and get their information from official sources.