Sharjah tent 1
A Sharjah Civil Defence special team member distributes an awareness leaflet at a Ramadan tent. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The General Directorate of Civil Defence in Sharjah has urged owners of Ramadan tents to strictly adhere to all safety requirements during the month.

Lieutenant Colonel Hani Al Dahmani, director of the Media and Public Relations Department in Sharjah, told Gulf News that the department has launched a campaign in this regard titled ‘Ramadan Safe’.

He called for the maintenance of all safety provisions at the tents that serve iftar meals and at household kitchens as well. Lt Col Al Dahmani emphasised the implementation of the UAE Code for firefighting when setting up tents to ensure full safety, including the need for an adequate number of fire extinguishers. The work of installing electricity connections should be carried out by qualified and licensed technicians only, he added.

‘Ramadan Safe’

Sharjah Civil Defence has launched a campaign to ensure that all Ramadan tents in the emirate meet fire safety standards, he said. Lt Col Al Dahmani said special teams are visiting the tents and delivering awareness lectures.

He pointed out that all tents need to be licensed by the department and need to meet certain criteria in terms of size, number of occupants, material and location.

Lt Col Al Dahmani added that the ‘Ramadan Safe’ campaign focuses on raising the level of awareness in various segments of society, developing positive attitudes towards adhering to safety and precautionary measures and enhancing people’s abilities to act judiciously during emergencies.

Sharjah tent 2
A Civil Defence special team member explains the preventive measures to be followed in kitchens, at a Ramadan tent in Sharjah. Image Credit: Supplied

The special teams will explain the preventive measures to be followed in kitchens in order to avoid the occurrence of fire from gas ovens, cooking appliances, gas cylinders and electrical appliances used for cooking.

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Activities in Sharjah

The department has launched several activities during Ramadan including:

Remote awareness lectures for housewives and parents.

Visiting Ramadan tents in the emirate in coordination with charitable associations and Red Crescent to implement preventive awareness drives.

— Awareness through social media.

— Questions for public posted on social media platforms.

— Awareness messages via Sharjah Radio.