Abu Dhabi: The Shaikh Zayed Book Award announced nominations on Wednesday in the ‘Translation’ category for its 13th edition.

Since May, 107 nominations were received in the category, which included translations from English, French and German to Arab in countries including Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Morocco.

Of these, 12 works have now made the longlist.

Of the longlisted titles, the following are English-to-Arabic translations: ‘Masarat Al Qasida Al Arabiya Al Mou’asera’ (Arabic Poetry: Trajectories of Modernity and Tradition), author Mohsin J. Al Mousawi, translated by Ahmad Bouhsane from Morocco, published by Toubkal Publishing House (2017); ‘Hal Baa’d Al Lughat Afdal Men Baa’d?’ (Are Some Languages Better than Others?), author R.M.W. Dixon, translated by ‘Hamza Bin Qublan Al Mozainy’ from Saudi Arabia, published by Dar Konoz Al Marefa Publishing & Distribution (2018).

Also, ‘Thalath Mudon Mashriqiya’ (Levant: Splendour and Catastrophe on the Mediterranean), author Philip Mansel, translated by Mustafa Kassem from Egypt, published by National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters — Kuwait (2017); ‘Al Moshkelan Al Asasiyan fy Nazareyat Al Maa’rifa’ (The Two Fundamental Problems of the Theory of Knowledge), author Carl Popper, translated by Najib Al Hassadi from Libya, published by Jadawel Publishing, Translation & Distribution (2018).

‘Al O’nf: Mukhtarat Falsafiya’ (Violence: A Philosophical Anthology), author Vittorio Bufacchi, translated by Yasser Qunsowa from Egypt, published by the National Center for Translation, Cairo (2017); ‘Nazariya Fy Al A’adala’ (A Theory of Justice), author John Rawls, translated by Redouan Al Ayadi from Morocco, published by Dar Al Kitab Al Jadeed (2018); and ‘Al Jeen: Tareekh Hameem’ (The Gene: An Intimate History), author Siddhartha Mukherjee, translated by Ehad Abdul Hamid from Egypt, published by Dar Al Tanweer Printing & Publishing (2018).

As for translations from French, the three following titles made the list: ‘Osoul Al Tae’weeliya’ (Les Origines de L’hermeneutique), author Georges Gusdorf translated by Fathi Inqizzu from Tunisia, published by Mominoun Without Borders Institution (2018); ‘Bahr Al Khulfaa’ (La Mer des Califes: Une Histoire De La Méditerranée Musulmane), author Cristophe Picard and translated by Dr. Jean M. Jabbour from Lebanon, published by Librairie Orientale (2018); and ‘Ma Hwa Al Naqd?’ (Qu’est-ce que La Critique? Suivi De La Culture De Soi), author Michel Foucault, translated by Mohamed Azwita from Morocco, published by Afrique Orient (2018).

In addition, the longlist includes two works translated to Arabic from German, titled ‘Al Yahoud Al Arab Fy Israel’ (Arabische Juden in Israel), author Dr. Omar Kamil, translated by Dr. Sherine Al Kabbani from Egypt, published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina (2018); and ‘Tareekh E’lm Al Kalam Al Islamy’ (Geschichte der islamischen Theologie), author Tilman Nagel, translated by (Syrian/German) Mahmoud Kabibu, published by Al-Warrak Publishing (2018).

In the past few weeks, the Shaikh Zayed Book Award has announced its longlists for the ‘Literature’, ‘Young Author’, ‘Critical Studies’, ‘Development of Nations’, and ‘Children’s Literature’ categories.