PO Box
Emirates Post waive the administrative fee Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Dubai: Seventeen people have been chosen at random to win an iPhone 11 as part of Emirates Post’s PO Box campaign to encourage more customers to rent a new mailbox or extend their existing subscription.

The group of lucky winners included customers from each of the seven emirates: Abdulkareem Hasan Ali Abdulla Alali, Talal Afridi Muhammed Din Shah Afridi, Obaid Mubarak Obaid Almehairbi, Hassan Mohamed Nour Hassan, Mohammed Saif Hamad Sulaiman Alameri, Shivani Ajit Kishinchand, Fardin Ismaeil Ismaeili, Suzanna Varghes, Abdulla Hassan Ali Hassan, Nermin H F Abushaban, Rahmatunnisa Moosa Ahmed, Salem Saeed Khameis Humoud Alqareiny, Sultan Mohammad Ahmad Aljassmi, Marwan Mohammed Ahmed Darbini Alshehhi, Abdulla Mohammed Ahmed Ali Altamimi, Mohamed Khaled Mohamed Alasam Almesmari and Eisa Rashed Mohamed Hamad Alzahmi.

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Left to right Rashed Huraiz Alfalasi, Mr. Fathallah Abdullah, Yousuf Alkhaja, and Khalifa Mohammed Khalifa Amer

Due to high demand, Emirates Post has extended the terms of the postal box rentals until the end of March 2020.

The electronic prize draw took place at Emirates Post Group headquarters.

Yousuf Mohamed Siddiq Al Khaja, Executive Director of the Retail Sector at Emirates Post, said, “This campaign aimed to highlight the advantages of owning a PO Box subscription from privacy and security to the competitive value of using postal services. We are very pleased with the success of the PO Box campaign and look forward to awarding the winners with their prize. The initiative reflects Emirates Post’s continuous efforts to provide customers with greater value and highlight the variety of advantages we bring to elevate the customer experience. It is our firm commitment to achieve the highest level of happiness for our customers, and to deliver happiness with every package and service we provide.”