Rescue operations underway at Fujairah. Image Credit: Supplied

Fujairah: The National Search and Rescue Centre rescued an Asian man who suffered injuries as a result of a fire caused by a fuel tanker in Fujairah on Thursday.

The operation was carried out in collaboration with Fujairah Police. A total of seven people were injured in the aftermath of the incident.

The search and rescue team moved all the injured to Fujairah Hospital for necessary treatment. Some of them are said to have sustained serious injuries.

The oil tanker fire broke out in the Al-Bithana area, following which Fujairah Police closed Sheikh Maktoum Street in both directions from the Al-Buthana area to the Al-Farfar Roundabout. The road has now been reopened and normal traffic has resumed. 

Fujairah Police had received a call reporting the accident and a police patrol along with firefighters was immediately sent to the site.