Dubai: A promising drop in road fatalities in Al Rashidiya area in Dubai this year as compared to last year is helping Dubai Police edge closer to their strategic target of reducing deaths on the roads, an official said.

Brigadier Saeed Hamad Bin Sulaiman, director at Al Rashidiya police station, said that 14 people died in traffic accidents in the first five months of this year compared to 35 during the same period in 2017.

“It is a significant drop in number of deaths this year on the two major roads in Al Rashidiya [Emirates and Mohammad Bin Zayed] because we are having more police patrols on the roads and reducing the run-over accidents by educating the public about safe crossing from designated areas,” Brig Bin Sulaiman said.

Meanwhile, Lt Col Omar Ashour, director of traffic investigation at Al Rashidiya police station, said that parking on the side of the road continues to be a major traffic offence risking the lives of motorists.

Recently, an Emirati motorist died in a traffic accident on Emirates Road because of a large truck parked on the roadside.

“A cement mixer truck stopped on the left side of the road when vehicle of the Emirati motorist, who was a member of the UAE army, collided with the truck and two other cars hit them from behind too. The Emirati died of serious injuries,” Lt Col Ashour said.

The Asian truck driver claimed he had a problem with his truck and he couldn’t move it away but later police discovered that he was lying as the engine was working and the truck was in good condition.

“He finally confessed that it was foggy weather and he didn’t know which exit he should take on the road so he stopped on the side of the road until he could get clear visibility. Drivers shouldn’t stop on the side of the road in this dangerous way,” Lt Col Ashour said.

Motorist cleared

Meanwhile, an Egyptian motorist has been cleared of causing a major accident in which five people were injured.

Lt Col Ashour said police helped Traffic Court find the motorist innocent after he was charged with causing a traffic accident which led to five injuries.

The Egyptian motorist had indeed swerved suddenly and collided with a bus on Emirates Road and both vehicles were moved to the roadside to wait for police.

Just after the accident happened, another bus coming from behind lost control and hit the two vehicles parked on side of the road.

Lt Col Ashour said, after that another bus and two more vehicles crashed into the first bus. When the police patrol arrived at the scene of the accident, they blamed the Egyptian motorist for causing the series of accidents and he was taken to the court for causing the accidents in which five people were injured.”

But later the police investigation revealed that the Egyptian motorist wasn’t responsible for all the accidents.

“His vehicle’s accident with the bus was a minor one and resulted in no injuries. The second bus driver didn’t pay attention to the road and caused the other accidents. I testified in court with the new details and the Egyptian motorist was cleared of the charges,” Lt Col Ashour added.