From left: Harman Suri, Vice-President, RMF Group; Bobby J Suri, Chairman, RMF Group and Chirag Suri, Senior Vice-President, RMF Group

RMF group is one of the most trusted companies within the construction industry in the UAE. The firm that boasts one of the largest stone collections in the country has quickly become a one stop shop for all your stone requirements. A product range spanning from luxurious Italian whites, to Brazilian granites and even Turkish greys; the company has something for everyones taste.

Bobby J Suri, Chairman of RMF group had a vision when he first entered the UAE market back in 2002. “We aimed at bringing in materials from all over the world allowing our UAE residents to start interacting with their desired projects with a wide variety of product,” he says.

“At a time when our country was growing at a rapid rate, RMF aided that infrastructure growth through all the different types of stones brought into the market.That was back in 2002, and we have never looked back.”

RMF, which started out as a trading firm, now interacts with some of the most elite projects within the country. Residential homes, commercial offices, hotels etc. are all on a long list of project related ventures the company continues to undertake. The company aims to have everything under their grasp outlining quality control as its biggest factor.

Harman Suri, the second generation to enter the business, sheds some light on how the company is one of the few firms that keeps every business activity in-house.

“From the procurement of the stone till the treatment and installation of the material, we like to take that responsibility for our clients. We want to be the only ones responsible in delivering the quality we pride ourselves in. Having every single department under us surely aids that. It is crucial to our company to overlook every aspect of this process in ensuring our clients are given top notch quality”

Chirag Suri, the vice-captain of the UAE cricket team also makes an integral part of the senior management team at RMF. “We have always believed in building relationships, our clientele has been working with us for the last 20 years, and we wish for the next 20 years as well. It is important to harvest these relationships, as our clients are just like our family.”

RMF continues to expand with a brand new showroom set to open in May 2022 in Dubai. This show room adds to the existing three factories in Sharjah, and their largest facility in Abu Dhabi. Procurement offices in Europe and South America give the company the edge to bring in the most sought after stones into the middle east market. With their huge stock, multi-powered machinery, and a very skilled labor force RMF is strengthening its grip in the region.