Abu Dhabi: It’s a new year and a new start for many as the UAE’s residents look to make 2020 a year of improvement in both their personal and professional lives with goals ranging from living more healthy, spending more time with loved ones and exploring new vistas.

“My new year resolution is going to be focused on self-improvement and development, I’m looking at having more gratitude and counting my blessings in 2020,” said Indian resident Blessy Martin, who says she wants to be more reflective in the upcoming year.

“I’m going to be doing meditation and anger management so that I’m responding to things and not just reacting to what’s happening. I’m going to try my best to remind myself everyday about these resolutions I have made so that I stick by them and follow through with them,” she added.

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For Lebanese resident Bilal Khalil, 2020 will be all about ensuring a healthier lifestyle in all aspects of his personal life.

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“Healthy living for me in 2020 includes more sport, eating more healthy and also how I manage my time, ensuring that I have a good balance between my professional and personal time.

“I’ve also made it my goal to take control of my smartphone device this year and to not let it have control over me. We all spend so much time everyday using our smartphones and I want to change that in 2020, so that means using it less and making more time for real life engagements and encounters with my family and close friends. It will be tough, but I am committed to making this happen,” he added.

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Egyptian resident Basma Abu El Azm says her goal is to carry on from where she left off in 2019, making bold decisions and forging her own path.

“2019 was by far the most challenging yet most rewarding year of my life. A year where I left my comfort zone and shifted my 11 years career. A year where I finally found my long lost passion and start a new career.

“In 2020, I want to travel to at least two new destinations, explore more possibilities in my career and focus more on my small family. I’m looking forward to discovering what will be my next challenge for 2020,” she added.

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Filipino resident Arvin Nicholas Rivera says his goals for 2020 is to be more productive and to better control his finances.

“My new year resolution for 2020 is to be a good steward of my health, time and financial resources. I will eat healthy and nutritious foods, spend my time productively both at work and otherwise.

“I will likewise observe shrewdness in spending; buying only the things that I need and not giving prime importance to my wants, thereby avoid unnecessary spending,” Rivera added.