Fire razes a building in the Dubai Marina on May 13, 2018. Image Credit: Arif Khan/Gulf News Reader

Dubai: The Zen Tower fire on May 13 started when furniture kept in the balcony of a first floor caught fire due to an electric short circuit or from smoking waste, Gulf News has learnt.

According to a report issued by Al Barsha police station, experts said the fire happened due to an electric short circuit either in the lighting or in the electric heater kept on the balcony.

A video on social media (above) earlier showed flames spreading in the building.

“The furniture caught fire due to a flammable source that was enough to start the blaze. The source was either a short circuit in the lights or the electric heater, or it could have been from smoking waste landing on the furniture causing thermal glow with smoke, and that quickly turned into a blaze due to strong winds,” stated the report seen by Gulf News on Monday.

Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs of Dubai Police, said the report confirmed the fire started on the first floor apartment before spreading to other floors and apartments.

“The fire started on the balcony but spread quickly due to the windy weather,” Major General Al Mansouri said.

The 15-storey residential building, which has 74 apartments, was partly damaged by the fire. One man suffered minor injuries, according to officials, with all residents evacuated to safety.

The blaze started at 10.44am that day and was brought under control within 45 minutes as firefighters from different stations dispatched in short time.

The residents were lodged in hotels and were provided with meals, all free of charge.

Some residents stayed with family or friends and the next day they were given permission to collect essential belongings, such as medicine, cash and passports.