Dubai: The emirate of Dubai has been ranked as the fourth most hashtagged city in the world on Instagram.

According to a new report by Hashtag the World, more than 47 million posts included Dubai on the photo-sharing platform in 2016.

New York City was ranked in at first place with over 68 million posts, with London, Paris and Istanbul making it to the top 5.

The study was created based on a study that ranked the world’s 30 most hashtagged cities during the last year, to have an in-depth understanding of the consistent growth of Instagram and hashtags in the travel industry.

Discussing the growing importance of Instagram for travel, the founder of Hashtag the World Lucas Ribeiro, said: “Instagram is a powerful tool for the travel industry as its 600 million users love to share their beautiful pictures about their holidays and exploring their own city. It gives great opportunities for business on Instagram.”

In its second year, the study by Hashtag the World reflects a significant growth rate in Instagram usage all over the world. Yet this is the only study conducted to find out the world’s most frequently hashtagged cities.

The report also shows that Los Angeles, Tokyo, Las Vegas, San Diego, Rome, Atlanta, and Rio de Janeiro have experienced an annual growth of over 100 per cent in terms of hashtag usage.

“We can clearly see that the Olympics had an impact on the growth in ranking with #RiodeJaneiro and #Tokyo,” said Lucas.

According to a recent survey, 97 per cent of the millennials share pictures while travelling, especially on Instagram. A creative community leveraging the power of visual storytelling, Instagram has now become the most preferred alternative for people to share their positive experiences.

With more than 600 million active users as of now, over 40 billion photos have been shared to date by the Instagram users. The number of photos and images shared via Instagram per day is a whopping 95 million.

Top 30 most hastagged cities in the world on Instagram 

Rank City
1 New York City
2 London
3 Paris
4 Dubai
5 Istanbul
6 Miami
7 Chicago
8 Barcelona
9 Los Angeles
10 Moscow
11 Toronto
12 Tokyo
13 Las Vegas
14 Berlin
15 Madrid
16 Hong Kong
17 Amsterdam
18 Sydney
19 San Francisco
20 Bangkok
21 San Diego
22 Boston
23 Rome
24 Atlanta
25 Rio De Janeiro
26 Vancouver
27 Milan
28 Houston
29 Orlando
30 Seoul

Source: Hashtag the World 2016