A reader's bill was too high Image Credit: Gulf News archive

I have an issue with the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa). I’ve been living in the same apartment in Al Nahda, Sharjah since 2011. Till last July I didn’t face any issue with Sewa but July’s bill was shocking, Dh1,643 was added to the invoice as an adjustment along with regular amount. Upon checking, the customer service asked me to visit their office. I went to Sewa office and they told me our meter is slow and was not working properly and a few months back they replaced with a new one without informing me. They added up the average of previous bills and charged me with a high amount. I talked to the officials in the Sewa office but in vain. If Sewa meter has an issue, how is the consumer responsible for this? Sewa meter reader is coming every month to take the reading, and he has not reported this issue in their department or to the resident.

I checked with the building owner and security regarding this issue and they are not aware of this meter issue and didn’t know about the meter replacement. It is Sewa department’s and the meter reader’s responsibility to check meters and if they find it to be faulty, they have to replace it. Why charge the resident?

I would highly appreciate it if Gulf News can help me in this difficult situation.

From Mr Mathew Palackal Kuriakose


Editor’s note: We have forwarded this complaint to Sewa for comments. However, its management did not reply.

(Process initiation: October 27. 2019. Process completion: November 6, 2019.)