reader complaint
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I have been using an Emirates Islamic bank cash back credit card for the past four years. I received a message on June 13, 2022 at 8.38am, that a payment of Dh23,806.88 had been made towards eToro UK Ltd. At the same time I got a call from the card security team and he informed me of a suspicious transaction and asked me whether I made the payment or not. I told him it was a case of hacking, my card was with me and I did not receive any one time passcode (OTP) for the transaction and I never made a single transaction with eToro UK LTD in my lifetime. So someone might have used my credentials online.

Regarding the transaction, they asked me to fill a dispute form and email it to their help desk, which I did. Emirates Islamic has returned only Dh15,314.83 to my credit card account on June 20, and the rest Dh8,492.05 has not yet been reversed. They requested me to pay the fraud amount on the due date to avoid a late payment penalty.

I did make a credit payment only for what I spent and I have asked the bank to keep the amount on hold until the dispute is over or give me a temporary full credit to cover the fraud amount. However, the bank said it’s not possible and it would take up to 136 business days to finalise the matter. I will not be able to pay this amount in my current situation. Therefore, please intervene with the bank to hold the amount from my statement, and let the bank investigate and come to a final decision.

From Ms Yoonjung Lee


The management of Emirates Islamic responds: Thank you for bringing Ms Yoonjung Lee’s concerns to our attention.

Emirates Islamic’s Customer Experience team has been in touch with her, and we are happy to report that the issue has been resolved to her satisfaction. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Emirates Islamic is committed to providing a best in-class customer experience.

Ms Lee responds: Yes, the issue has been solved. Thank you.

(Process initiation: July 13. Response from organisation: July 18. Reader confirmation: July 20.)