Reader complaint
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On October 20, 2021, there were five transactions made on my Dubai Islamic Bank Visa credit card, which were not done by me. The contentious transactions were in USD and made one after another, going to two different crypto currency companies all amounting to US$24,827 (Dh91,177) in total. I don’t understand why such a transaction was not picked by the bank system as a red flag? I immediately informed the bank. The call took almost 30 minutes to do all the cancelling processes and in this time they could have informed the receiving company and VISA to stop or detect where this payment was going and to whose account.

Overall the bank processes took quite some time and after several follow ups from my side and during this time I couldn’t put an official police investigation report as they had to wait for the bank’s investigation to be finalised. Furthermore, the bank did not stop the interest rate from accumulating, during this long processes. Eventually, when the entire process was completed the transaction date had passed six months. This did not help the investigation.

During this waiting period I had made several calls and visits to the bank, even while I was having COVID-19. There was no response from the bank despite many attempts to reach out to them via several different methods.

They ignored my request dispute this big fraud happening within their bank. Furthermore, there was no report or details shared with the client on the any investigation carried out if any. Why are they not having secure measures in place to protect their customers’ money and liabilities? Therefore, I am requesting the following:

1. An intervention with the bank so we can resolve this matter and draw a lesson from this case.

2. Immediately stop harassing calls, which is effecting my health.

3. Stop the accumulation of interest.

From Ms Aiysha Ahmed


The management of DIB responds: Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC (DIB) would like to confirm that its Customer Support team has been informed about Ms Ahmed’s complaint. The team has been in touch with Ms Ahmed since her initial complaint was filed and has provided full support throughout the process. The matter has been thoroughly investigated and the customer has been informed about the bank’s feedback on the disputed authorised transactions and an update has been shared with her about our conclusion. We have since spoken to the customer again upon receiving her media complaint to reiterate our conclusion. We now consider the case to be closed and look forward to helping Ms Ahmed in any other way we can.

At DIB, we greatly value our customers and ensure that their requests or concerns are addressed and resolved in the best possible manner.

(Process initiation: July 28, 2022. Response from organisation: August 1, 2022.)