Reader complaint
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  • Why du charges two cancellation fees for the same account?
  • How much are the cancellation charges? 

Is it normal that for cancellation of my du account, du charges two cancellation fees: Dh300 plus Dh304 for the same account?

They said the first charge of Dh300 is for canceling the account before end of the [contract] date. The second charge of Dh304 is because they gave me a 20 per cent discount before on the same account that I am canceling now. So for the same account that I want to cancel, they doubled the cancellation fees because they gave me 20 per cent discount last year as retention.

From Mr Khaled Bouzid


A representative from du responds: Kindly be informed that customer issue has been resolved.

Editor’s note: The reader did not advise us how this issue was resolved.

(Process initiation: July 14. Response from organisation: September 4)

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