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  • Reader has been paying all his bills on time without any delay.
  • Over Dh15,000 electricity bill due to faulty meter
  • Is it fair to disconnect electricity without even a single notice or SMS?


I have an issue with Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa). I have been living in an apartment in Al Nahda, Sharjah since 2016. I rented the flat in January 2016 and have been paying all my bills on time without any delay. After spending almost two years in the same flat, I got a bill from Sewa with adjustment amount of Dh15,742.

Upon checking with them they told your electricity meter is slow and was not working properly, they changed this meter in March 2017 without informing me or without any notice. I vacated same flat in January 2018 without settling the Sewa bill due to the bulk amount.

Is it fair to disconnect electricity without even a single notice or SMS?

- Mr Mohammed Suleman Arif, Sharjah

If they have found any error in their electricity meter, why did they not change it at the earliest, why did they wait for two years? As the electricity meter is Sewa property and their meter reader is coming every month to take the reading, he should have informed their department and the resident about this issue.

Recent update is after submitting my complaint to Sewa office, they have reduced Dh3,148.40 from adjustment and asked me to settle final amount of Dh13,375.22. I am liable to pay this amount. It is embarrassing for me, as I don’t know what to do. Whatever bill I get, I would pay on time. I never went through the details of the bill as I didn’t feel any difference in my billing. It would always vary from Dh800 to Dh1,000, depending on the season. My consumption is very low, as I always find ways to control my expenses.

Sewa staff directed me to their head-office to meet the customer relations officer there. So I went there and explained everything — but he also said the same thing. I pleaded with him not to impose such a big amount on me for no mistake of my own. They told me it was my mistake for not checking my bill. How is this so? Whatever is due, I would pay on time. It is the department’s and the meter reader’s responsibility to check meters and if they find it to be faulty, they have to replace it.

Is it fair to disconnect electricity without even a single notice or SMS? Kindly help me to write off such a big amount, as I am a low salaried, budget oriented person. I would highly appreciate it if Gulf News can help me in this difficult situation.

From Mr Mohammed Suleman Arif


Editor’s note: The complaint was forwarded to Sewa for comments. However, despite repeated reminders, its management did not respond.

(Process initiation: January 21, 2019. Process completion: February 26, 2019)

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