What you need to know:

  • Missing money from using online banking service.
  • Bank has resolved the issue with a full refund deposited in his account

On June 28, I had used Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) online banking services to send Dh18,750 to Pakistan.

The receiver went to the Western Union agent and was told that as his middle name was not in the Western Union transaction sent, they would not be able to release the money to him.

On July 5, I sought to cancel the transaction of June 28 and initiated another transaction of the same amount on July 5 with the middle name of the recipient included in the transfer.

I was having trouble cancelling the transaction online and it was not processing the online cancellation; facing technical issues.

On July 3, I contacted DIB customer service and initiated a complaint.

On July 4, bank representative called and attempted to assist me in cancelling the transaction. She realised it was a technical issue from their side.

On July 10, I contacted her but did not receive any update.

On July 16, she said that Western Union is requesting my Emirates ID copy to process the refund and some personal details such as country of birth, residential city, etc. I sent her copies of my ID card with the relevant information.

On July 28, I contacted DIB and found the agent was on leave and another agent would be assisting me. I updated him along with my past correspondence with the first agent.

Currently, it has been two months, and I have not been able to resolve my issue. Can DIB please help?

From Mr Hammad Al Quaid Rizwan

The management of DIB responds: DIB would like to confirm that its Customer Support team has been informed about Mr Hammad Rizwan’s situation. We are pleased to say that the team has contacted Mr Rizwan and the matter has been resolved with a full refund deposited in his account. We now consider the case to be closed and look forward to helping Mr Rizwan in any other way we can.

At DIB, we greatly value our customers and ensure that their requests or concerns are addressed and resolved in the best possible manner.

Mr Rizwan responds: Thank you Gulf News for your follow-up. With DIB and Gulf News’ assistance, we were finally about to collect the money from Western Union, which was holding them unnecessarily. The matter is closed, and I appreciate everyone’s help and assistance in this matter, especially the agent from DIB. She was very empathetic and friendly and is a great asset to the DIB team and did a great job in representing DIB’s care and concern for their customers.

(Process initiation: September 19, 2018. December 6m, 2018. Response from organisation: Reader confirm: December 8, 2018.)

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