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What you need to know:

  • Bank urges customers to keep their bank details safe and not accessible to anyone

I am using a covered credit card from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) for more than three years. My card was debited with two fraudulent transactions on August 24, 2018. I have received an SMS on my mobile for using the card services. When I saw the SMS, immediately I called ADIB call centre and reported the issue. They immediately blocked my card and sent the matter to the investigation team.

Last four months, I am continuously following up with them. They told me these are secure transactions and they cannot refund. I repeatedly told them that I have not shared the card details with anyone nor I have received any One-Time Password (OTP) for such transactions. They are reluctant to help me.

I want Gulf News to take up this matter and help me get the refund of fraudulent transactions.

From Mr Chandresh Vasa


The management of ADIB responds: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. With regards to the customer’s case, please note the transactions are done in a 3D Secure mode and can’t be categorised under fraud. This means, an OTP or password was entered to complete the transaction. Therefore we do not have chargeback rights for any authorised transactions. We have explained this to the customer.

Mr Vasa responds: Thank you for your follow up. The issue is not resolved. Bank is saying that the transactions are under 3D secure mode, but I still claim that I have not done these transactions nor I have shared my password or card details to anyone. I cannot figure out what went wrong. Bank is not ready to investigate further from their side. Thank you for your efforts. I will take up the matter with local authorities and UAE Central Bank for further investigations.

ADIB responds: As mentioned, the transaction was only completed because the 3D Security details were entered. Therefore the bank cannot further investigate. We always urge all customers to keep their bank details safe and not accessible to anyone but themselves.

(Process initiation: January 16. Response from organisation: January 17. Process completion: January 23.)

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