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I would like to raise a complaint about du. They are hiring external companies or subcontractors to get business. They promise you something else verbally, but they change it in the writing or in the agreement.

Last June 8, 2018, du representative came to the mall selling Ramadan post pay plan with a special price of Dh101 per month, for 6GB data, plus 300 minutes international call minutes with a 24-months contract. I checked all the details, and he started preparing to activate the plan for me. Then I went back to work, because I trusted du. I cannot imagine this agent changed all the details of this offer to Plan 150 and he also charged me Dh131, which I paid by cash to him directly as he said that this will be my first month payment and service fee. But later it’s only for the activation fee, not monthly bill. I complained to du about this but there was no response.

From Mr Mahboob Alam


A spokesperson from du responds: In response to Mr Mahboob Alam, du team has investigated the situation. As per the application form, the customer was offered a contract for Smart Plan Dh150 as per the application form and the customer had signed the application fully aware of the plan details. Based on our review of the matter, the team was notified that the customer redeemed the discount vouchers and used his number for two months without raising any disputes from date of activation until August 8, 2018. Based on the provided details, the case has been declined and closed from du’s end.

(Process initiation: September 19, 2018. Response from organisation: October 1, 2018. Process completion: October 1, 2018.)

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