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  • Reader asks the airline why he was not informed if the ticket was cancelled
  • Airline refunded the cancellation charges after Gulf News intervention



I booked a return air ticket with Jet Airways (through their website) for my travel to India - Dubai (Dxb)- Mumbai (Bom) on December 9, 2018 and Bom-Dxb on December 15, 2018. Due to some personal reasons, I got late and reached the airport at 6.15am and the Jet Airways counter was closed. Thus, I could not board the flight on 6.45am on December 9, 2018 for Bombay and it went “No Show”.

When I came back home and tried to rebook the ticket, the website showed only Bom-Dxb return leg of the journey on December 15. The Dxb-Bom was not showing on the website under my PNR. As the December 15, 2018 return leg (Bom-Dxb) showed valid, I booked a single ticket - Dxb-Bom for the same day and travelled to Bombay on December 9, 2.35pm flight. I was expecting that either an SMS or email confirmation would be sent by Jet Airways regarding “No Show” on the Dxb-Bom flight and process the refund after deducting “No Show” charges.

I was on a business trip to India and did not get any time to follow up with Jet Airways. I intended to follow up with Jet Airways once I returned to Dubai.

On the 1.40am flight on December 15, when I tried to web check-in, I got the message on the web page that there is no reservation record under my PNR.

When I called Jet Airways customer service, they advised that the ticket was cancelled on December 9 itself. The Jet Airways customer agent kept insisting that I was the one to cancelled the ticket. After a prolonged discussion, he agreed that the ticket is cancelled in its entirety due to “No Show” on the first leg of the journey. Despite multiple requests over a telephone call, he did not restore my booking and forced me to book a new ticket for Bom-Dxb. I didn’t have any choice but to buy a new ticket.

Then, I raised my grievance on December 14, asking why I was not informed if the ticket was cancelled. And, why they failed to send me an SMS or email regarding “No Show” and refund amount. Jet Airways sent me an email on December 16, with a refund as follows: Original ticket amount Dh1,820 less ticket cancellation fee Dh600, less “No Show” fee Dh300, less convenience fee Dh25; net refund amount - Dh895. My objection is regarding the deduction of a cancellation fee of Dh600. It is Jet Airways who canceled my ticket; it is not my request to cancel it. I should not be penalised for this. Appreciate if you can please help me to recover my full refund of Dh1,495.

From Mr Pramod Joshi


The management of Jet Airways responds: Kindly note that the issue has been resolved.

Mr Joshi responds: Jet Airways Mumbai office confirmed that they are processing the refund amount without deducting cancellation charges. Thank you Gulf News for putting it forth to the Jet Airways team. I believe without your intervention Jet Airways wouldn’t have accepted to refund the appropriate amount. I have read other cases in Gulf News as well you have helped and provided assistance to deprived person. It is well acknowledged that you are extending support to the people who are either being cheated or brought in a long chain of procedures or in the loop “terms and conditions applies” excuse by the companies. I confirm that I have received a refund of Dh1,495. Thanks Gulf News for your support.

(Process initiation: February 12, 2019. Response from organisation: February 17, 2019. Reader confirmation: February 24, 2019.)

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