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Reader complaints against bank not sending statements

I am writing to seek your assistance for reversing the interest charges that Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has charged me despite no fault of mine.

For the past eight years, I have the ADIB Master Value Plus Card and have always ensured to settle the complete outstanding in time.

Earlier on, I would get the statements via mail and I could see my transactions, due date, total amount, etc. to ensure I pay the correct amount on the due date.

This practice was suddenly stopped by ADIB, and I was informed that statements shall be sent via electronic mails only to the registered email address.

While statements for the Visa card were promptly received, I never got the statements for the MasterCard and I would only check from the SMS statement sent by ADIB and pay off the outstanding balance on or before the due date. This practice of sending the SMS too was ended abruptly by ADIB.

Upon inquiring with the Dubai Mall branch, I was informed that I can download the statements through my online banking log-in as they were not allowed to share my covered card statements. When I logged into my online banking - to my amazement, I could not even find the statements there.

From the last two billing cycles, ADIB has charged me interest because each time I paid the total outstanding one day late. All because I did not have any way to find out what my outstanding amount was and when the due date was, as they never shared any information with me.

I took this up with ADIB but they will not reverse these charges despite them not sending me my statements.

From Mr Mohammad Usman Ghani


The management of ADIB responds: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The customer was charged with profit on his card for the late receipt of payment from his end.

The statement was not sent to him by e-mail was already available online for his reference. We had also sent SMS notification with the required payment details.

Therefore the reversal is declined since all the necessary information to make the required payments were on time.

We have contacted the customer again and apologised to him that we won’t be able to offer him any reversal. We always encourage customers to make payments on time and take note of their payment dates.

Mr Ghani responds: I would reiterate that the statements were not available online on my ADIB account and neither were any SMS messages sent to me to pay the outstanding.

ADIB responds: We have shared with the customer the record log that show the SMS being sent to the customer’s registered mobile number. Also, all statement details are accessible via online banking, which customers can access at any time to know details on transactions.

(Process initiation: December 18, 2018. Response from organisation: December 24, 2018. Process completion: January 28, 2019)

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