RDS_181119 Complaint Telecom Bill
Reader is losing money through uncalled services needs to be refunded Image Credit: Gulf News Archives


  • Reader is losing money through uncalled services
  • No irregular deductions from his account over the disputed period

Through the esteemed column of your reputed newspaper I would like to throw light on the current issue of losing money through uncalled services via du telecom.

I have lost around Dh100 due to services activating without my consent. I have gone to their Abu Dhabi Mall service centre and their inability to help me has made me lose another sum of money. When I approached their head office along Hamdan Street on December 21, 2018, they said I needed to call the customer service, which is again a painstaking task.

I have visited their main office many a times, yet they failed to solve my problem. They do not pay attention to the person addressing their grievances and write the person’s number.

After a few days, they again start deducting money due to uncalled services. This has created a fear in me that recharging would only make me lose more money. Money lost due to uncalled services needs to be refunded.

I request this to be published in your reputed newspaper so that attention can be drawn towards this matter. A strong message needs to be sent out there, and this is my responsibility as a resident.

From Mr Umang Bhandari

Abu Dhabi

A spokesperson from du responds: In response to a query from Umang Bhandari, we conducted a detailed investigation into the request but could not found any evidence of recharge worth Dh100, as initially reported by the customer. However, we did find evidence of the account being recharged in December 2018 and in January 2019, with the sum of both recharges having been consumed for regular calls. Our investigation into the matter did not find any irregular deductions from the account in question over the disputed period. Furthermore, the account was found to have no additional services active during this time. We have since reached out to the customer to communicate the findings of our internal investigation and await his response. Based on our review, we now consider this case closed.

(Process initiation: January 28, 2019. Response from organisation: January 31, 2019. Process completion: February 19, 2019.)

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