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Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of DHA, visited the Rashid Hospital operation theatre to oversee the broadcasts Image Credit:

Dubai Live videos of 21 surgeries, many of them complex, were broadcast from the Rashid Hospital for the benefit of over 600 doctors and specialists from around the world who attended the Emirates International Gastroenterology and Hepatology Conference that concluded in Dubai on Saturday.

Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of the DHA, visited the operation theatre to oversee the broadcasts to the Dubai World Trade Centre. During his visit he commended the efforts of the medical cadres working at the hospital adding that the authority constantly strives to equip its hospitals with the latest –state of the art technology and skilled medical experts. Dr Sameer Al Awadhi, president of the conference and Head of Gastroenterology Unit at Rashid Hospital, said the 21 surgeries included complicated procedures on patients who were suffering from gallstone or bile stone blocking the pancreatic duct, pancreatic cysts that needed diagnosis and treatment and lumps in the stomach that needed removal.

Al Awadhi said that the conference’s objectives were to elevate the level of science in gastroenterology and hepatology in the region through the delivery of an excellent scientific meeting that fosters knowledge sharing and exchanging of experiences through keynote sessions, symposia and panel discussions.