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The new Rafid centre is strategically located near the Wasit Police Headquarters and Traffic and Licensing Services Centre in Sharjah. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Rafid Automotive Solutions announced the opening of the ‘Unified Rafid Customer Service Centre’ in Wasit, Sharjah, for reporting minor accidents. The centre specialises in dealing with minor traffic accidents and is strategically located near the Wasit Police Headquarters and Traffic and Licensing Services Centre in Sharjah to ensure seamless coordination with the Sharjah Police General Directorate.

Abdelrahman Alshamsi, Accident Unit & RSA manager at Rafid Automotive Solutions, said: “The Centre operates around the clock, seven days a week, and aligns with the strategy and expansion plans of Rafid, where we believe in providing the best services emulating the highest international standards. The goal of opening the centre is to address customer queries quickly and efficiently, with the time period for completion of transactions not exceeding ten minutes.”

Service package

Alshamsi indicated that the centre provides a variety of services, including reporting of minor traffic accidents, providing access to a traffic accident investigation department affiliated with the Sharjah Police General Directorate, recording all inquiries and sending them to the designated authorities and other services that facilitate communication and interaction for customer.

Lt Col Mohammad Alay Al Naqbi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Department at the Sharjah Police Headquarters, said: “The opening of this new centre reflects the cooperation and coordination between the police and Rafid and their keenness to provide all the required services and facilities to customers near police sites [stations]. We appreciate and support this endeavour as it extends maximum support to all customers.”

He further highlighted that the governance and centralisation processes in a unified headquarters would help establish the services by Rafid Automotive Solutions more efficiently.

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The Unified Rafid Customer Service Centre is equipped with the highest technical specifications and is ready to address all the requirements of its customers. Additionally, members of the public can still benefit from the services provided via the Rafid application for reporting minor traffic accidents, besides also calling their toll-free number (80072343) around the clock.