A man whose vehicle’s cruise control got stuck at 140 km/h while driving on the highway from Sharjah to Dubai via Emirates Road was rescued by a Dubai Police team on Saturday.

The Command and Control Centre (C3) coordinated with police patrols who managed to rescue the Emirati man, from the high-speed horror.

Colonel Faisal Eisa Al Qasim, director of the Security Media at Dubai Police, said the Sharjah Police Operation Room received a report that the cruise control of the man’s vehicle malfunctioning and had got stuck at 140 km/h.

The police C3 staff contacted the man and gave him the necessary instructions.

Two police patrols escorted his car on both sides of the road to clear the way for him.

Scared, confused

Police officers told him to turn the ignition off and on repeatedly and apply the handbrake but the driver was too scared and confused to do that.

The last solution was to crash the car from behind the police vehicle to make it stop, and the driver was told not to step on the brake, but just stay in the same lane.

The driver then managed to stop the car and got out.

Police gave him first aid and stayed with him until he regained his composure.

It was not immediately clear which car brand or model faced the cruise control malfunction. Several such incidents were reported in the last 24 months in the UAE.

In May, a US carmaker warned owners of nearly 5 million late-model vehicles not to use cruise control because it can stick.