Sacha Khamnei started a crowdfunding campaign for the famlies of the crew members on board FZ981 Image Credit: Supplied

When flydubai pilot Sacha Khamnei found out about the FZ981 crash, his first reaction was to create something constructive out of the tragedy that affected so many people.

“There’s nothing we can do now for the crew members, we can only look out for the families. That’s our immediate concern. I thought about the crowdfunding campaign probably 10 minutes after I woke up and heard the news,” Khamnei told Gulf News.

But he wasn’t alone in his immediate concern for the families of the crew members. Pilots were already giving cash to offer immediate support to the families.

“We all kind of know each other, it is only 600 pilots. We are a family, we always look after each other ... it is just part of what we do,” Khamnei said.

The crowdfunding campaign has already raised GBP7,000 (Dh37,200) aiming for GBP100,000.

“This will offer the families some short-term income before all the insurance kicks in. This is just a way for colleagues to step in and help, on a personal level.”