The new service to book driving appointments is available through the RTA’s “Mahboub” Chatbot. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai recently introduced a new service enabling individuals to book and reschedule driving test appointments via WhatsApp. The service is available through the RTA’s “Mahboub” Chatbot on (0588009090). This initiative aligns with RTA’s strategy of providing services through various digital platforms, ensuring users can access these services quickly and safely.

“Launching the new driving test appointments via WhatsApp aims to ease customers’ access to various RTA services. The services are designed to help users schedule their driving tests and pay the related fees directly through RTA’s “Mahboub” Chatbot. The user’s phone numbers, and registered information are pre-authenticated, so there is no need to use the official application or visit the RTA’s website. The service is interactive, and users can schedule their driving test appointments and pay the service fees through the pre-authenticated system,” said Mira Ahmed Al Sheikh, Director of the Smart Services Departmnet at RTA’s Corporate Technical Support Services Sector.

“Mahboub” can handle customer queries related to RTA’s information, procedures, and interactive services. The Chatbot technology has a continuous learning feature that enables it to learn from previous conversations. This feature helps it better understand the nature of inquiries and respond to them more accurately.”


“Mahboub” is available in Arabic and English to cater to a broad audience of speakers from within and outside the country. Ongoing efforts are being made to improve the generative artificial intelligence techniques “Mahboub” uses to understand natural human languages better and generate accurate responses like humans while ensuring data privacy protection with regards to digital advancements. Work is also underway to enable digital identity in the customer’s journey to provide a better experience and faster and more secure access to services,” she confirmed.

“Mahboub” offers over 250 informational and procedural services through the WhatsApp channel. These services include paying public parking fees, inquiring about vehicle ownership renewal, introducing nol card services, marine transportation services, and many others.