UAE officials promise to help man complaining against boss on Twitter
Representative image. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: UAE authorities have promised to help a Dubai man who on Friday reached out on Twitter alleging his boss had taken his money and passport without permission.

Jahir Sarkar, @jahirsarkar21, tweeted to Dubai Police, @DubaiPoliceHQ, saying: “Pleas help me 1 Egyption guy brieng me here in dubai and he make visa for me 2 years visa. After visa he make loan for me and take all money. Even he take my passport And put as a garantie please help me dubai police .my boss Egyption he ruin my life.i don’t know what I wil do.”

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Image of the tweet from Jahir Sarkar to Dubai Police Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai Police replied promptly, advising him to contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, who were copied in the message. @DubaiPoliceHQ tweeted back saying: “For further assistance, kindly contact our colleagues in @MOHRE_UAE. Thank you for reaching us”.

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Screenshot of the response from Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to the complainant Image Credit: Twitter

The ministry replied to Sarkar and Dubai Police, thanking them for bringing the matter to their attention and promising help.

@MOHRE_UAE tweeted: “Thank you @DubaiPoliceHQ for reaching us out, We will definitely assist in that matter. Hello Mr Sarkar, Can you elaborate more about the passport holding part and confirm if it holded by the employer as it’s illegal to hold the employee passport and you can raise a complaint.”

Sarkar, who appears to be an Indian national as some of his tweets are in Hindi, thanked officials for the reply, adding that “my visa also expired more than 1 years he ruin my life sir I trust that’s my big problem”.