Autistic boy Ajman
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Ajman: Ajman Police returned an autistic child to his parents after he went missing for an hour, a police official said on Saturday.

The eight-year-old Arab boy was found wandering alone in Al Nuaimyah area of Ajman after leaving his family house.

Lieutenant Colonel Gaith Al Kaabi, Director-General of Al Nuaimyah police station, said police officers on duty saw the boy wandering by himself. When they tried talking to him to find out his name or any information that could lead them to his family, they discovered the boy could not communicate effectively as he was a special needs child.

Further police investigations however eventually led them to the house of the boy. The parents were summoned to the police station where the boy remained with officials. It turned out that the boy’s mother was busy with house work and had not noticed his absence. It was only when the father found the door open that they realised he had gone out of the house.

After a touching reunion between father and son at the Al Nuaimyah Police Station, the boy’s parents were made to sign an undertaking promising to take good care of their son.

Lt Col Al Kabbi appealed to parents and families to stay alert and pay close attention to their children. They urged caregivers not to leave children alone under any circumstances.

He also urged parents to make sure that the main door of the house is duly locked to prevent children from wandering out.

“Child neglect is punishable by the law,” Lt Col Al Kabbi reminded

The boy’s family praised Ajman Police’s efforts for their prompt action.