Nitesh and Ankit Gupta

Nitesh and Ankit Gupta, third-generation entrepreneurs, have been driving Dubai’s Metworld group to new heights. Renowned for its prominence in trading and manufacturing, and a robust presence in West Africa, the group is also making strides in hospitality, media, and venturing into new realms such as mining.

Despite being immersed in the business landscape for nearly two decades, the Gupta brothers remain steadfast in their commitment to give back to the society. Passionate advocates of health, fitness, and wellness, they’re addressing the universal influence of gadgets on young minds. Their upcoming venture, Genie Kids (, is an innovative platform set to launch soon. It will feature meticulously designed mindfulness programmes, led by professionals, child psychologists and early year’s educators and aimed at nurturing children’s inner selves and countering the “gadget imbalance”.

The Gupta duo’s enterprising spirit extends to the gaming realm with 7D Limitless. This groundbreaking gaming platform, meticulously crafted in collaboration with neuroscientists, harnesses the power of neuroscience to manage stress induced conditions like anxiety, depression and type 2 diabetes, providing players with an avenue for an exciting yet therapeutic engagement.

At the heart of Metworld’s corporate philosophy lies a deep commitment to sustainability, above and beyond profits. Nurturing this ethos, the Gupta brothers champion self-care and well-being within their personal lives and corporate domain. Their latest endeavour, Lux Maison (, a boutique concept, serves as an inspiration for unveiling natural well-being techniques. Rooted in the belief that nature has bestowed us with ample tools to navigate the demands of modern life, the brothers aim to spread awareness about simple yet effective health practices like breathwork and stretching.

In essence, Nitesh and Ankit Gupta represent innovation and social responsibility. Their pioneering ventures not only propel Metworld’s growth but also empower individuals to find balance in today’s fast-paced world, fostering a holistic and sustainable approach to life.