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The children’s wishes mostly included adopting cats and dogs. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: In celebration of International Pet’s Day, that is observed on November 11 every year, Make a Wish Foundation UAE has fulfilled the wishes of children battling a variety of diseases, providing them with the pets that they always dreamt of owning.

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Mohammed Ibrahim Al Mahmoud contributed a falcon to help young Abdullah fulfil his dream. Image Credit: Supplied

The children’s wishes mostly included adopting cats and dogs. For 17-year-old Abdullah, the foundation stated that his heart was set on owning a falcon. Hani Al Zubaidi, the CEO of Make a Wish Foundation UAE, said: “There is consensus that the presence of a pet in a child’s life is very important and beneficial on both the physical health and the psychological health as well. We ensure that the foundation is able to achieve these wishes for children and bring smiles and joy to their hearts and the hearts of their families as well.”

Al Zubaidi thanked Mohammed Ibrahim Al Mahmoud for his generous contribution by personally providing a falcon to young Abdullah, stressing that the foundation prides itself for its partnerships and good relationship with the UAE community.

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Al Zubaidi added: “Most sick children suffer from loneliness and social isolation most of the time as a result of the restrictions imposed on them because of the disease. We are happy that we are able to provide all forms of support and assistance to children suffering from serious and life-threatening diseases.”

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A young girl with her pet dog. Image Credit: Supplied