Adeeb Ahamed, MD, LuLu Exchange Image Credit: Supplied

Throughout its memorable history, the UAE has strived to become a beacon of global cooperation and a pillar of support to the people who call this nation their home. And rightly so.

With one of the safest, happiest and most prosperous environments in every regard, the country has always been a home away from home for millions of people of different nationalities. This warm and welcoming nature is deeply ingrained in the country’s socio-cultural fabric, and the support provided during these trying times will forever remain etched in the minds of its people.

For this, we need to thank the country’s wise and humanitarian leaders and citizens, for continually re-imaging the idea of togetherness, and being at the forefront of technological adoption and humanitarian initiatives to make people’s lives easier.

On the occasion of its 49th National Day, I would like to salute the brave souls who have sacrificed their lives for this great nation. The legacy they have passed down, remains intact by the kind and generous acts of the country’s present leaders and people.

Wishing everyone a Happy National Day!